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    दिनांक 30-अक्तूबर-2020
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Bharat Prakashan (Delhi) Limited invites applications for the following posts in Editorial, Advertisement and Circulation. Send your applications to [email protected]


Editorial Organiser (English):

Everyone who has Nose for news, passion for writing, ability to upgrade, experiment and continuously learn and committed to the cause of Bharat is welcome to apply.

  1. Sub Editor - Organiser (English)

    Qualification – Basic writing and editing skills; Excellent command over Both English and Hindi; Translation skills will be an additional advantage; a degree in journalism and mass communication or digital content creation will be preferred.

    Job Profile: Edit contents received from outside, get content ready for upload, Generate minimum 4 unique stories based on ideas given by the News Editor/ Dy News Editor, coordinate with contributors

  2. Qualification – Proven skills in reporting in writing; Command over English language and working knowledge of Hindi; degree in journalism and mass communication or digital content creation will be preferred.

    Job Profile: Working on story ideas suggested by the desk, Covering a wide variety of stories; Conducting interviews; Generating contents; Keeping up with deadlines; Following news/events of our interest

  3. Qualification – Proven skills in Managing various digital platforms; Techno-Journalist with qualification and experience in managing technical tools for managing social Media platforms; Command over English language and Hindi; degree in journalism and computer applications will be an added advantage

    Job Profile: Designing graphics for web contents and social media posts; Developing, implementing and managing our social media strategy; Managing social media content; Ensuring maximum reach and distribution through the all Social Media platforms; Working with copy editors & journalists to make the content perfect and appealing; Collaborate with our organisations to host FB/YouTube lives; Monitor SEO and user engagement; Coordinate with the agencies providing digital and server related services to the Organisation .

  4. Qualification – Candidate must be Graduate/Post-Graduate in Journalism and Mass Communication. Experience 20 years and above.

    Job Profile: Ideation, with Calendar based content planning and special stories. He will conceive idea, its ingredients, how to source those matter and hand it over to the Chief Copy Editor. He should handle all the perspective based and sensitive stories/packages himself. Co-ordination with other departments. Will decide about teaser planning of any campaign, how and when to launch it, how to incorporate it in web. Will do stories/interviews as and when required. Planning/ideation for web including build-up and follow-up stories. Smart use of archive on digital platform. What to share between digital and print with clearly mentioning the orientation and whether re-writing is needed and in what way.

  5. Qualification – Candidate must be Graduate/Post-Graduate in Journalism and Mass Communication. A considerable amount of work-related skill, knowledge, or experience is needed for these occupations.

    Job Profile: Receive assignments or evaluate leads or tips to develop story ideas - Analyze information obtained from news sources. Research a story's background information to provide complete and accurate information - Gather information for news stories. Arrange interviews with people who can provide information about a story - Coordinate logistics for productions or events. Establish and maintain relationships with individuals who are credible sources of information. Gather information about events through research, interviews, experience, or attendance at political, news, sports, artistic, social, or other functions - Gather information for news stories. Revise work to meet editorial approval or to fit time or space requirements - Edit written materials. Review and evaluate notes taken about news events to isolate pertinent facts and details - Analyze information obtained from news sources.

  6. Qualification – Candidate must be Graduate/Post-Graduate in Journalism and Mass Communication. Experience 15 years and above.

    Job Profile: Once a copy is passed by a Sub-Editor, it will be Chief Copy Editor’s turn. He will verify the facts and figures of the story. During the process, if he thinks certain addition/deletion necessary, will do that but list it in form of notes in the copy which might be mentioned at the top. He will mark the story to the Associate Editor, keeping Chief Sub-Editor and the sub-editor who edited the copy, in the loop. Advance issue planning- He will, in active consultation with the Associate Editor, will ensure content generation of coming issues. If a story/package is planned in advance, efforts should be taken to ensure generation of 75 per cent content and that should be in page format. He should pass on such content one month prior to the publication to the Chief Sub Editor. He will ensure that the content is generated according to the planned/decided line. Calendar based content generation. Barring the current portion of the package, all content will be generated by him in consultation with the Associate Editor. He will hand it over to the Chief Sub-Editor one month prior to the publication. Information bank- He will create different topic heads and put statistics/relevant factoids /relevant legal-constitutional provisions and will follow a regular updating schedule for that. Co-ordination with the digital team for content sharing/information bank updating.


    Qualification – Professional Degree in the relevant field. Experience 10 yrs & above.

    Job Profile: To develop, establish and maintain sales strategies to meet organizational Objectives & Targets. To prepare a detailed sales pitch for the products of the Company. Advance planning and maintaining an advertisement calendar for the year. Sales Revenue Recovery and follow-up. Managing, motivating and training the staff/ agents to develop the requisite skills in line with company's goals & objectives. Follow up with existing agents and appointing new potential agents.

  2. Qualification – Professional Degree in the relevant field. Experience 5 to 7 yrs & above.

    Job Profile: Managing and Procuring advertisements. Advertisement Recovery and Follow-up. Managing advertising agencies. Discussion (Personal, Telephonic, Emails, Letters etc.) with parties, e.g. Individuals, Companies, Governments, agents, agencies etc. Personal visits to individuals, companies, Governments, agents, agencies etc.


    Qualification – Professional Degree in the relevant field. Experience 10 yrs & above.

    Job Profile: Incumbent will be responsible for overall increase in Circulation through subscriptions / agencies & bulk sales. Lead and own all market related needs of the Company distributors, Agents, and Retailers. Work with the circulation team of Company and Distributors to achieve company objectives. Action all the market related plans with respect to distribution and visibility of our brands. Act as specialist and understand the sales opportunity of their digital products. Sell magazines (print & digital) and solutions to new strategic alliance partners and customers, establishing and growing relationships with large corporates / brands. Strategize with Sales Team and Publishers to grow overall circulation revenue. To explore the possibilities of increasing circulation in different states. To build a network of circulation associates in different states.

  2. Qualification –  Graduate or Post Graduate. Experience 5 to 7 year(s).

    Job Profile: He will be responsible for increase in circulation through Subscription of individuals, institutions, libraries etc. Making strategies for brand promotion of the magazine. Improve the visibility of the magazines. To increase stand sales.

Interested candidates with relevant experience and qualification may sent their resume through email to [email protected]